What To Expect At A Dermatologist Appointment

The Patient Visit Experience at BHSkin, What To Expect, Step by Step

After reviewing our website and googling publicly available information, are you still uncertain? Hesitation and uncertainty are natural, especially when considering new medical providers. You want to make sure that you are entrusting it to kind, caring, professional, and competent providers. The team at BHSkin Dermatology is a team that you can trust. Our board-certified and award-winning dermatologists are ready to help you enhance the skin you’re in. Read on to learn about the patient visit experience at BHSkin Dermatology.

Your Initial Phone Call

When you first call our office, you will speak with one of our friendly and professional receptionists. He or she will collect basic demographic details about you. They will also ask for your insurance information to verify your coverage. We accept a wide range of insurance plans, including:

  • Aetna
  • Anthem
  • Cigna
  • Humana
  • UnitedHealthcare
  • And more

Appointments in Glendale, Encino, or Remote

Once that information is collected, our receptionists will work with you to schedule a convenient appointment. Your appointment will be scheduled at either our Glendale or Encino office. However, we also have an option for those that are always on the go. We offer HIPAA and HITECH compliant online dermatology consultations for both new and existing patients.

Our online dermatology consultations are perfect for:

  • Simple skin issues where the diagnosis is in question or may need to be confirmed
  • Busy professionals or homemakers with little time to come to our office
  • Travelers who are unable to come into the office
  • Consultations for Botox and other cosmetic dermatology services
  • Simple follow-up visits for established clients

Your Time is Valuable to Us

We recognize that our patients’ time is extremely valuable, which is why we strive to make sure that you can easily book with us via phone or on our website. Our convenient and accessible services are just a click away.

Gentle Reminders Before Your Appointment

We realize that sometimes busy people lose track of their calendars and schedules. As a result, we’ll send you an automated text message reminder three days before your appointment as a gentle nudge. And, then, the day before your appointment, one of our staff members will call to speak with you in person. During this conversation, we will remind you of your appointment time. We also make sure that you know how to get to our offices and the available parking options. This helps reduce stress on the day of the appointment and also helps keep you on time.

If you have questions, you’ll have the opportunity to ask them at this point. We encourage our patients to ask any questions or express any concerns that they may have. Our mission is to help you obtain your desired skincare goals and we can only do that by listening to your concerns.

Get superior skincare from LA’s finest dermatologists

The Day of Your Appointment

On the day of your appointment, we suggest arriving approximately 15 minutes early. This allows you to fill out necessary paperwork without feeling crunched for time. Generally, you will have three to four pages of paperwork to complete. This helps us collect additional necessary demographic information, as well as your past medical history. This information ensures that our providers can give you the best possible care. It also allows us to address any concerns that you may have.

In The Exam Room

Once you’re taken back to the exam room, you’ll receive the undivided attention of your BHSkin Dermatology professional. One of the most common positive feedback offered by patients is that they never feel rushed by their provider. They always leave feeling focused on and cared for and that their questions are answered. This is so important in building long-term, positive patient-provider relationships.

Addressing Your Initial Concerns

From rashes to blemishes to cosmetic concerns, your dermatologist will focus on addressing the initial concern that brought you into the clinic. As they assess your skin, they’ll recommend follow-up care and tests/biopsies as needed. Your provider will also take the time to answer any questions that you have. We recognize that medical information can often be intimidating. Therefore, we’ll offer educational information that you can take home and review.

Comprehensive, Thorough Care

We believe that skincare and skin health needs to be comprehensive, which is why we look at more than just your initial concerns. One cannot simply treat a blemish or a rash. Instead, the provider needs to treat the whole patient. For example, skin cancer, of all types, is a growing concern in all patient demographics. Therefore, your provider will look for rogue moles or other skin cancer indicators. He/she will perform biopsies if any of these moles are suspicious for skin cancer.

Healthy Habits for At-Home Skincare

Before your appointment concludes, we’ll discuss healthy habits that you can adopt at home. For example, every patient should be using sunscreen with adequate protection daily. It is also important to encourage patients to up their water intake. After all, hydration is essential for maintaining long-term skin health. We want you to be an active partner in your skincare process.

After Your Appointment

After you leave your initial appointment, our staff will want to make sure that you’re confident in the diagnosis that you’ve have received, the follow-up plan of action and treatment. We will work with you to schedule your follow-up appointment. Generally, these follow-up appointments will happen one to two weeks after the initial consultation. This, however, depends on the patient’s specific needs and the diagnosis and treatment plan.

We also recognize that waiting can be challenging for a patient. This is particularly true if they are waiting for skin cancer biopsy results. Our goal is always to minimize stress and maximize patient comfort. This includes calling you as soon as your test or biopsy results are ready. We then let you know what the plan of action is based on these results.

When you are leaving the office after your initial consultation, we also underscore the fact that we are always here to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. If you go home and think about what you were told and have a question, do not hesitate to call back to speak to our clinical staff.

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