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Surgical Options for Skin Conditions in LA

Our award-winning dermatologists at BHSkin Dermatology are leaders in the fields of skincare and skin cancer treatment. We offer various surgical dermatology options that include everything from mole removal to Mohs surgery. Our board-certified and fellowship-trained dermatologists in Los Angeles have the experience necessary to treat basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma. Book a consultation today to learn what treatment options we have for you.

Basal cell carcinoma Service

Basal Cell Carcinoma Skin Cancer

BCC skin cancer is the most common form of skin cancer and has a high success rate when caught early. Symptoms include pink, brown, or red skin growths that crack and bleed easily. Basal cell carcinoma grows slowly, but the longer one goes without treatment, the more difficult treatment becomes. Therefore, we urge patients to book an appointment right away if they notice any changes to their skin. Mohs surgery is a common surgical dermatology treatment option for BCC, but a trained dermatologist will be able to tell you what’s the best option for you.

Mole Removal Service

Mole Removal

Moles are very common and can appear in various areas of the body. However, they are usually in a place that sees a lot of friction. While a mole can be a sign of cancer, most moles aren’t cancerous and don’t have to be removed. However, some patients choose to have them removed if the mole is uncomfortable or interferes with their appearance.

Whether you need the mole removed for cosmetic reasons or medical reasons, you should never remove it on your own. Our expert dermatologists at BHSkin Dermatology will thoroughly examine your mole before removal to ensure there’s no room for concern. The treatment option chosen will largely depend on where the mole is located and if it is cancerous.

Squamous cell carcinoma Service

Squamous Cell Carcinoma Skin Cancer

SCC skin cancer is the second most common type of skin cancer and is often worse than BCC. SCC appears on skin that has been damaged by the sun, radiation or contact with chemicals. They typically form as red bumps that are scaly in texture. When caught early enough, the chance for successful treatment is optimistic. However, SCC can spread to lymph nodes, which then makes treatment extremely difficult.

Squamous cells are located near the surface of the skin and work to shed and form new cells. When the DNA of the squamous cell is damaged, the cells can then turn cancerous. If left untreated, SCC can lead to permanent disfigurement or death. Fortunately, the majority of cases are treatable.

Mohs Surgery Service

Mohs Surgery

Mohs surgery, also known as Mohs micrographic surgery, is the best and most effective method for skin cancer removal. The procedure is highly successful with a 99% cure rate for skin cancer that has not been treated before. In addition, the precision of the procedure allows patients to have good cosmetic results. Surgeons are able to preserve healthy skin tissue while also completely removing the cancerous tissue.

Melonoma Service


Melanoma is the most serious type of skin cancer and appears in the pigments that give your cells color. There is no clear cause for melanoma, but UV rays increase the chances of one getting this condition. It can appear anywhere on the body but typically occurs where the skin is exposed to the sun. Melanoma presents itself as a change to an already present mole or new growths on the skin. Treatment, whether caught early or late, always includes surgery to remove the cancer and surrounding cells.

Surgical Dermatology in Los Angeles

Our team of licensed dermatologists is ready to work with you to meet your unique skincare goals. We offer an array of surgical dermatology treatment options in both Glendale and Encino. Let’s work together to find out the best treatment option for you so you can become comfortable again in the skin you’re in.

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I had a video appointment for my own skin condition with Don today and he was grrrreat. He always is. Such a good dermatologist. I've seen many in my life, I was prone to skin problems when growing up, and Don is hands down the best dermatologist I've been seen by.
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