Mohs Surgery

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What Can Mohs Surgery Treat?

Mohs surgery is known for successfully treating some of the most common skin cancers. Those skin cancers include:

Moh removal is also particularly useful for skin cancers that have a high risk of recurrence or have recurred after previous treatment. This procedure also works well for large and aggressive tumors. Lastly, a specially trained Mohs dermatologist may suggest this procedure if tumors are located in areas where you want to preserve as much healthy tissue as possible. Areas like that would include around the mouth, nose, ears, eyes, hands, and genitals-to name a few.

Why Patients Prefer Moh Removal

Patients and medical professionals alike highly regard this form of skin cancer treatment because:

#1 You Return Home the Same Day

Mohs surgery is ideal for those who don’t want to spend all day in a hospital. Most cases only take 2 to 4 hours.

#2 Extremely Careful

Mohs surgery is favored because the appointed Mohs surgeon is careful to only remove the tissue affected by skin cancer. Other surgical procedures may not only remove the cancerous tissue but healthy tissue surrounding it as well. Patients are happy with the precision of this procedure and the goal to preserve healthy tissue during removal.

#3 Highly Successful

Mohs surgery has a high success rate when it comes to curing skin cancer. In fact, the cure rate is 99% for a skin cancer that hasn’t been treated before and 94% for skin cancer that has recurred after previous treatment. This procedure also has some of the best cosmetic results, so you’ll feel good again in the skin you’re in.

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How Mohs Surgery Works

During Mohs Surgery, the appointed Mohs surgeon will remove the visible part of the cancer with a scalpel. Then, another layer of tissue will be removed from underneath the visible tumor to be examined. If the tissue still shows cancer, more layers will be removed and analyzed, until no more cancer cells can be seen.

What to Expect Before, During, and After Treatment

Considering Mohs surgery in Los Angeles? Here's what to expect before, during, and after Moh removal.

Before Treatment

Your Mohs dermatologic surgeon may recommend that you stop taking certain medications before surgery. Blood thinners and even certain supplements could interfere with treatment. It is extremely important that you let a medical professional know of any and all medications you’ve recently taken. Be sure to pack comfortable clothing and bring a snack or a book. The analytical part of the surgery, where the dermatologic surgeon examines the removed tissue, can be pretty time-consuming.

During Treatment

Before the surgery, we’ll clean the main area of focus, and then outline the area with a special pen. After that, we’ll provide the local anesthetic. Your specially trained Mohs dermatologic surgeon will remove the visible part of the skin cancer, as well as the surrounding tissue underneath. They will then take the removed tissue for microscopic examination. If we detect additional cancer, then we’ll continue removing layers of skin until the cancer is nonexistent.

After Treatment

Once your Los Angeles skin cancer surgeon has removed all of the affected cancerous tissue, then they’ll close the wound. Expect to go home completely free of cancerous tissue. Your dermatologist will give you instructions on wound care, as well as scheduling a follow-up appointment to see how the recovery is going. It is advised having someone else drive you home after this procedure.


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