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Acne Extraction

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Is Acne Extraction Right for Me?

If you’ve tried nearly every type of acne treatment and none of them seem to work, then an acne extraction treatment might be the best option for you. Acne extractions work really well for blackhead and whitehead pimples. However, if your pimples are inflamed, like a pustule, then acne extraction might not be the best option for your skincare needs. The only way to know if this treatment is right for you is to visit a dermatologist.

Why Patients Favor Acne Extractions

When you try to get your acne under control by yourself, you risk creating permanent and painful acne scars. In addition, you may notice even more acne popping up. The worst-case scenario is developing an infection, so it's best to leave this one to the professionals. Acne extraction is a favored treatment for patients with bothersome acne. A lot of individuals favor acne extraction treatments because they offer:

#1 Fast and Desirable Results

Acne extraction, when done right at the hands of a knowing professional, can help clear up acne quickly. The procedure is a good last resort for treating acne lesions and unwanted blemishes. If acne extraction is a good option with your type of acne problem, then you’ll avoid acne scars and recurring acne.

#2 They Cleanse Your Pores

Another favored point of acne extraction is that it removes extra debris from the skin. This leaves your pores clean and unclogged. Acne is often a result of clogged pores, so keeping them clear should prevent recurring acne.

#3 It's Safe

Acne extraction is considered a very safe procedure, again, when done by a professional. The environment and tools must be clean and sterile in order to see the best results. A dermatologist will know what types of acne blemishes can handle extractions, which is important. The wrong technique can cause long-term damage.

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How Acne Extraction Works

Before your actual appointment, we’ll discuss your issues and skincare goals to determine if acne extraction is the right procedure for you. We may also recommend skin exfoliation just to get your skin prepped and ready for extraction.

For the procedure, your dermatologist will use a blade and an instrument, such as a comedown extractor, to remove blackheads and milia. The acne extractor puts pressure on the pimple to remove the contents, whether they’re fluid or solid. If you’re dealing with a large cyst, then we may inject steroids or antibiotics into the area of extraction to speed healing and combat acne scarring.

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Acne Extraction Treatments in Glendale or Encino

Acne can be a nightmare to deal with, as well as a major hit to your self-esteem. Acne extraction is a great choice for patients whose acne is just not responding to other various treatments. If you are curious and are looking into acne extraction treatment, then visit us here at BHSkin Dermatology.

Our board-certified dermatologists can provide the environment for your successful acne extractions! Acne shouldn’t be an obstacle in your everyday life, so make the first move for a healthier and radiant complexion in Glendale or Encino.


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