7 Ways You’re Harming Your Skin Without Even Realizing It!

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Everyone wants great skin: and many of us are even willing to go great lengths to accomplish this goal. But the sad truth is, even if you are purchasing top-of- the-market skincare products, it means very little if you are accidentally damaging your skin all the while. Here are a few of the most common ways that people harm their skin without realizing it:

1. Not Wearing Sunscreen. Thanks to effective awareness campaigns and patient education, most people now understand the importance of wearing sunscreen every single day. You can even get a sunburn on cloudy days. Every day sunscreen usage decreases skin cancer risk and slows down the appearance of aging.

2. Failing to Give Sensitive Skin Areas the Care they Deserve. The skin under your eyes, your lips, and your scalp are all highly sensitive areas that are especially susceptible to problems such as dryness and scaling. It is important to understand that these areas need special care — and specially designed products are available.

3. Choosing the Wrong Makeup. Hypoallergenic makeup is a must: you could be causing your skin to flare up without even realizing it. Also, it is important to remove your makeup at the end of the day to prevent clogging of your skin pores.

4. Taking Long Showers. The longer you expose your skin to hot water, the more natural oil it will lose. There’s nothing wrong with taking a nice, long shower from time to time — but if you allow this to become a daily habit, it can cause problems, as your skin relies on its natural oils for moisture rentention.

5. Exposing Your Skin to Bacteria. Your phone, your sunglasses, and other items and accessories that come into contact with your face all have potential to expose your skin to harmful bacteria that can cause acne, red spots, and other problems.

6. Popping Pimples. As tempting as it may seem, refrain from popping pimples! This
can cause scarring and long-term damage, and puts you at immediate risk for infection.

7. Failing to Upgrade your Skincare Routine. Have you been following the same skincare routine for years on end? Your needs are always changing — and so should the way you respond to them.

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