What Triggers Rosacea?

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roasceaRosacea is a skin condition characterized by flushing and redness, sometimes even with pimples. When you only have the flushing and redness, it is Stage 1 Rosacea. When you get the pimples overlying the redness, it is called Stage 2 Rosacea. Some people believe that this may be “adult acne” when it is acne due to underlying rosacea.

So, if you suffer from rosacea, is there anything you can do about it? Yes.

Common Things That May Cause Rosacea to Flare

What you eat or drink can have a lot to do with how many flares or breakouts you experience. Alcohol, hot and spicy foods, and even hot drinks such as cocoa or coffee can be triggers. Also, sun exposure or exercise can trigger rosacea. If you take a hot bath or shower, or if you bask in a sauna or steam room, this can cause a flare-up as well. Other weather conditions such as wind or extremely cold weather can trigger rosacea.

Emotions And Rosacea

MP900444553[1]Did you know your emotional state can affect your rosacea? Stress and anxiety can cause rosacea flushing. Any quick change in your mood can cause rosacea to flare. It doesn’t have to be anger or stress.  A burst of rowdy laughter or becoming embarrassed can worsen its appearance.  People who have this condition often become quite embarrassed by a flare-up, which in turns makes it worse.

Other things such as a chronic cough, or even menopause, can bring on a rosacea flare-up. If you think that you are suddenly experiencing more flare-ups than usual, check with your doctor. Other factors include to too much caffeine, blood pressure medications, steroids, and strong pain killers.

What Can I Do For Rosacea

There are numerous treatments for rosacea. Medications include Finacea (Azaleic Acid), Metrogel (Topical Metronidazole), Doxycycline, and Minocycline. These medications work with varying success and may help to mitigate occasional flares. A more semi-permanent solution is laser therapy, such as VBeam or Intense Pulsed Light treatments. A newer treatment that should be arriving on the market is Brimonidine Tartrate Gel – this is a gel that will be marketed by Galderma for a highly effective temporary daily resolution of the redness. People have described this effect as the same effect Visine has for red eyes. Look for this in October 2013!

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