Thinking of a Facial Cosmetic Procedure?

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Thinking of a Facial Cosmetic Procedure?

There are many reasons to consider a facial cosmetic procedure.

You may have facial scarring that has bothered you for a long time or you may have recently noticed some age related changes you’d like to reverse. The decision to enhance your appearance is a personal one, but in the end, patients are hoping for an improved aesthetic appeal. Here are some important questions to ask when deciding to move forward with a facial enhancement procedure.

What are your expectations?

It’s important to have realistic expectations before your procedure, so discuss your goals candidly with your cosmetic physician. Some procedures produce more significant changes compared to other procedures that may result in subtle enhancement. Ask to see “before and after” photos of similar procedures done by your physician, but keep in mind that photographs are not a guarantee that you will have the same result. Each patient is different. All people experience improved self-esteem and increased self-confidence when they are looking their personal best.

What are your options?

The procedure you have will depend upon the desired change, your budget, and the time frame you can allow for any recovery period. More invasive procedures can produce greater effects but also result in a longer “downtime” and sometimes involve more discomfort during and after the procedure.

Choosing a Cosmetic Dermatologist

When considering enhancement of your appearance, your choice of a cosmetic dermatologist is the most important decision you will make. There are both tangible and intangible factors that you should take into account.

Do you feel comfortable with the physician? Does he or she answer your questions fully and in a manner you understand? It’s important to have a good rapport with your doctor. You should also feel comfortable with the office staff, since good communication is necessary to provide the best medical care.

It’s a good idea to verify your doctor’s medical license with the state medical licensing authority. A medical license is not a guarantee of training or experience in aesthetic enhancement. In fact, in many states, any licensed medical professional can perform some cosmetic procedures in their office without any prior training. Does your physician have experience with procedure you’re considering? What kind of training and certification does your doctor have in cosmetic medicine? You can also look online for any medical malpractice lawsuits involving your doctor.

Where will your procedure be performed?

Many cosmetic procedures can be performed in the office setting, although larger cosmetic surgery procedures may be performed in an outpatient surgical center or hospital. When you are choosing a cosmetic physician, you are also choosing a healthcare facility. Is the clinic clean and neat? Are clinic employees friendly and professional? A doctor who is conscientious about these details is more likely to be conscientious about your procedure.

What is your timeframe?

Your schedule may dictate your choice of procedure. If you are considering facial enhancement before a big event, be certain to tell your doctor. Many cosmetic procedures result in immediate improvement, but some procedures achieve results by mechanisms like stimulation of natural collagen growth or by natural elimination of fat, so best results won’t be apparent for a couple of months. Downtime is also an important factor to take into consideration. Although the trend in cosmetic dermatology is towards procedures with a shorter recovery period, some deep laser treatments may require several weeks for healing.

What is the cost? Are there options for financing?

Budget constraints are a common concern. When planning a procedure, you should have a complete understanding of your doctor’s costs and payment policies. Cosmetic procedures are not covered by insurance in most cases, so payment is due at the time of service. Options like use of a credit card can help you manage your budget. Ask about special promotions that might be available. In general, it’s not a good idea to choose your cosmetic physician based on price alone.

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