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Watch TV for about a half hour and you are sure to see a commercial about BB Cream. What is this miracle beauty treatment?  No, it has nothing to do with the BB’s that your little brother once shot at birds and squirrels. It is the latest thing from Asia. Almost every top manufacturer of make-up has now developed their own BB Cream.

What is BB Cream?

UntitledBB Cream is an abbreviation for blemish balm.  Some call it a beauty balm. Originally is was called beblesh, which is the Korean word for blemish.  In Asian circles of fashion and beauty, it is selling in records numbers. But the formula actually originated in Germany during the 1960’s by dermatologist Dr. Christine Schrammek.

It was designed to noticeable reduce scars left after laser treatments.  Several famous South Korean actresses began to use the formula in the 1980’s and loved its results so much, they began to spread the word. Several brands emerged. It became popular in Japan, China, then Australia. About three years ago the craze spread to Europe where the large fashion houses like L’Oreal , Grainer, Este Lauder and Maybelline began to take notice. So did the movie starlets, aging stars and well, just about everyone in Hollywood and New York who deals with stages, lights and cameras. BB Creams sales are now close to 20% of the market and it seems the trend will keep on growing. In fact, some men’s health care companies have gotten on the band wagon.  The BB Cream product is definitely becoming metrosexual.

Today, vegan BB Creams have become increasingly popular. The European and American fashion make-up companies are quick to point out that their products are made without animal testing or in sweat houses that exploit children, not that the Asian counterparts ever were.


How does BB Cream Work?

When the cream was applied to the face, enthusiasts say their imperfections and blemishes almost magically faded and their skin began to glow. The substance is light, not heavy like some liquid make-ups.  So it feels more natural and as if your skin can breathe.  There is a more natural, matte finish to the cream.

Proponents claim with consistent use, their skin has become more dewy and radiant. Wrinkles and dark under eye circles are greatly diminishedbb cream.  Old acne discolorations almost vanish, so you don’t have to use cover ups or concealers.

The cream claims to be an all in one product which moisturizes, acts as a foundation and has a sun block. You can wear it by itself, as a primer to your foundation or a base with a mineral powder.  While some also contain hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C, Dr. Jason Rivers, a leading dermatologist from the University of British Columbia  Dermatology and Skin Science Department, questions how any non-retinol based product could do what this one claims.

The bottom line is there has not been enough scientific testing on these modern versions  to say if the creams which are currently on the market are good for your skin, or actually can perform such miraculous results.  However, for over 25 years, women in Asia have sworn by it.  Like any new skin care product you try, if you have a reaction to BB Cream like breakouts, swelling or reddening, contact your dermatologist immediately.

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