Ten Tips on Treating Whiteheads

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fight whiteheadsEveryone gets whiteheads now and then. However, it can become embarrassing when one suddenly appears on your face. The question is, once they pop up, should you pop them?

It is important to understand exactly what these bumps are, even before they come to a head. When dirt, bacteria  and oils get trapped in the pores below the skin’s surface, the body rushes to expel the foreign object which has invaded. White blood cells and other agents, which naturally occur in the body, surround the object. This forms a slight reddening. Eventually, a whitish bubble may appear under the delicate skin’s layers.  Since they are not exposed to the air, they remain whiteheads. If they become exposed, they harden and become blackheads.


The best way to treat the outbreak of whiteheads is to do what you can to prevent them from happening in the first place. Some you may be already doing, some may be things you never considered  before. There is no guarantee you won’t get a breakout every now and then, but your skin will be noticeably less bumpy and healthier looking if you put these tips into practice. That mean the temptation to pop will be a lot less as well.

1. It is very important that you keep your skin clean. So, wash it with a gentle cleanser two to three times a day. Use a natural soap without dyes or perfumes. Don’t scrub hard. Use a soft face cloth in circular motions and rinse it well with warm water.

2. Take a hot shower to steam open the pores all over your body. This helps to remove the oils.

3. Picking at them, trying to pop them or scratching them will only damage your pores and cause your body to react again.  Besides, if your hands have oils or bacteria on them, you will more than likely re-infect the area. If you must pop a whitehead, do so with very clean hands and never use your nails. Steam the pore open with a hot compress, but be careful not to burn your skin. Never, ever use your fingernails. Your dermatologist may have a tool you can use that will gently push the infection to the surface without traumatizing the skin so much.

4. If you use make-up to conceal the whiteheads, use only water-based brands and be sure you do not wear it for more than six-eight hours at a time. If you have to go back out, wash it off and re-apply. Use a mild astringent to deeply clean the pores. Never sleep with make-up on!

5. Wash your hair frequently and try to keep it off your face. Avoid long bangs or facial hair. It is tempting to use hair to conceal the break-outs, but hair can transfer oils which can lead to more whitehead breakouts.



1. Eating right really works. When you eat the right things, your body’s immune system is boosted. That means it can better fight off  the invading exercise for less whiteheadsdirt, oils and bacteria that cause whiteheads. Your skin will also heal quicker. Eat veggies and fruits as well as lean meats and fish. Try to avoid carb-laden foods and too much sugary or fried foods. Build up your immune system with yogurt and Probiotics, especially if your doctor has you on acne medications for whiteheads.

2. Exercise every day—outdoors if you can. Your body needs physical activity to help push out the toxins and bacteria through the pores in order to prevent whiteheads.

3. Drink six to eight 8oz glasses of water every day—tea, coffee, sports drinks and sodas do not count. Drinking purified water is the best way to wash out the bacteria and germs which form whiteheads, as well as to support a healthy circulation of nutrients throughout the body. Add a slice of lemon to your water. It’s a natural way to detox from all the free radicals in our environment.

4. Do not smoke. Smoking can hinder your body’s healing process. The exhaled smoke also gets in the facial pores which may cause more whiteheads to grow.

5. Take Vitamin D, and/or get it naturally be being outside at least twenty minutes a day, weather permitting.  Of course, in a big city with pollution, it is a good idea to wash your face often to prevent whiteheads, especially if you are outside a lot.

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