Skin Care Tips for Fall and Winter

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Skin Care Tips for Fall and Winter

Is there a difference?

As the weather becomes cooler and we move indoors more, our skin will begin to adapt to decreased temperatures and to dry air, particularly when the central heating is on. Skin’s natural defense against dry, cold weather will facilitate the adjustment, but your skin will need some help!

Dry skin really needs a good moisturizer, which will differ depending upon your skin’s basic characteristics. Skin is primarily made of water. That moisture comes from you hydration and the environment, and in winter, cooler temperatures, less humidity, and central heating will result in moisture loss. You skin is less able to retain moisture as you age. Hydration is important all through the year, but your skin may need an extra moisturizing boost this time of year. Dry skin has a tendency to develop cracks in the protective barrier.

Choose an effective moisturizer

Choosing a moisturizer can be overwhelming, as there are literally hundreds on the shelves. If you are eczema prone or would like one our best general recommendations, Cerave cream or Aveeno Eczema Therapy are excellent options. As you reach your 40’s, you can look at other rich products with glycerin or hyaluronic acid. During menopause, your skin’s production of natural oils slows considerably. You may also consider moisturizers with petrolatum at times. I would start with Cerave in nearly all cases and try other options if this one doesn’t work for you.

Humidifiers and hydration

A humidifier is also a good idea as the weather changes – in fact, it can be helpful for keeping your airway passages moist and responsive, in addition to the benefits for your skin. Even placing several plants in your office or home will add moisture to the environment as it diffuses across the leaves.

Hands and feet need extra care

Alcohol –based sanitizers are very drying, so consider substituting an alcohol-free hand cleaner. Use a moisturizing cleaner on your hands and follow up with a good hydrating lotion. It sometimes helps to place some cotton gloves over your hands after moisturizing well – this allows the lotion to soak into the skin and softens it nicely. Arms and legs can really begin to look dry and scaly in cold weather, so consider using moisturizing exfoliating scrub. It’s easy to mix up some honey and sugar and rub off the scale, restoring those tough to penetrate regions of skin. Consider a hydrating bath oil and avoid soaking for a long time, since that can result in moisture loss. Feet can really dry out and may develop calluses and cracks. Gently buff the calluses with hydrating exfoliant or a pumice stone before applying a thick moisturizer. There are a variety of good choices that are specifically for feet.

Call for a consultation

If your skin becomes particularly patchy and dry, which occurs with conditions like eczema, we’ll be glad to advise you. Call today for an appointment to get ready with a winter skin care plan. We have convenient locations in Glendale, Encino, and Beverly Hills.

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