Preparing for Laser Hair Removal

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Getting laser hair removal can be exciting. It means saying goodbye to unsightly and unwanted hair. It means saying goodbye to shaving, plucking, and waxing. Here are a few things that you should do in order to prepare for this procedure.

Avoid plucking and waxing the area for 2-4 weeks before your procedure. Both of these hair removal methods temporarily remove the root, which is the target for laser hair removal.

Avoid tanning for 1 month before the procedure. Of course, the American Academy of Dermatology Association warns that tanning beds pose a risk in and of themselves, and excessive exposure to sunlight is also a risk factor in many skin conditions, particularly skin cancer. However, even taking into account the fact that many practices that are frequently used to “tan” are, in fact, unadvisable, dermatologists stress the extra importance of avoiding tanning in the month before laser hair removal. To summarize: avoid excessive sun exposure and always wear sunscreen!

Research dermatologists. Laser hair removal, though a treatment that has proven safe and effective for countless patients, does pose some risks. So, it’s important to find a trusted dermatologist with a great track record.

Research treatments. The technology for laser hair removal is always evolving and getting better. This has led to a variety of treatment options that can be specially chosen based upon each patient’s individual needs. Your dermatologist will likely discuss these options with you when you plan your procedure, but it doesn’t hurt to read up and learn about your options beforehand, either.

Shave 3-4 days before your procedure. It is best if hair growth is just barely visible. This makes precise targeting easier, while avoiding the risk of pain that can be caused by having excessively long hair at the time of removal.

Take any prescribed medicines on schedule. Depending on your case, your dermatologist may prescribe you with a medication (such as antibiotics) that you are to take leading up to your procedure. If this is the case, be meticulous about taking your medicine as prescribed!

Keep skin clean and free of products before going. Your skin will need to be clean and clear for the procedure, so there is no point in applying any products such as deodorant, moisturizer, etc. before heading to the dermatologist’s office.

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