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“I am compelled to write this review because of my excellent experience with Dr. Mehrabi.” (read more…)

“Dr. Mehrabi is a fantastic dermatologist and a great doctor in every respect.” (read more…)

“Dr Mehrabi is the best dermatologist and I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my Botox / Juvederm inections … never had any bruising with him and he always does a perfect job filling in even the tiniest depressions that I see without over-correcting.” (read more…)

“I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Mehrabi and the rest of his staff.” (read more…)

“I have been a patient of Dr. Mehrabi since ’07 when I first moved to the LA area.” (read more…)

“My visit to Dr. Mehrabi was an excellent experience.  Dr. Mehrabi and the staff at the office were all professional and friendly.”  (read more…)

“I currently live in Silicon Valley and still fly down for treatments. I will be moving to the Memphis area soon and continue to see Dr. Mehrabi as I am well aware that such great care cannot be found anywhere else.” (read more…)

“Dr. Mehrabi is hands down the best.” (read more…)

“We were very impressed with our ability to get appointments quickly.” (read more…)

“He’s one of those docs, that should be able to get more than 5 stars!” (read more…)

“Excellent visit and great doctor. My friend referred me after his experience and I’m glad he did.” (read more…)

“Dr. Mehrabi is awesome. He’s really easy to talk to and knows dermatology like no one’s business.” (read more…)


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“Good doctor, nice office. Friendly staff.” (read more…)

“Best Dermatologist in Beverly Hills EVER!!!” (read more…)

“Dr Mehrabi is an excellent dermatologist.” (read more…)

“Best dermatologist that I have ever been to!” (read more…)

“He completely put me at ease. I was beyond thrilled with the results and I have since gone back to him.” (read more…)


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“Great Dr. Straight talk, fully informed, cares about his patient.” (read more…)

“Dr. Mehrabi has been easy to schedule an appointment with. His staff are all friendly and helpul. He has been especially helpful and informative regarding my concerns. I appreciate his ability to connect right away with me as a patient and help me feel comfortable while addressing various issues.” (read more…)

“I am very much pleased with my visit. I have this skin problem bothering me for 10 years or more, been seeing other doctors but none understands it the way Dr. Mehrabi does. Most look at me and say, “Hey, you are fine” even though I tell them I need makeup to cover all the issues. Dr. Mehrabi’s assistant was the one asking me to remove my makeup. When he saw me himself, he knew my concerns right away. I’m ready to go with his treatment!” (read more…)

“Dr. Mehbrabi is definitely as awesome as these other reviewers have stated! I am a new patient. I went to two other dermatology offices prior to seeing him for assessment and treatment options for my condition. I am not a difficult patient by any means, but the prior two consultations had much to be desired–they didn’t address all of my concerns and thusly did not instill confidence in me with regards to their treatment plan. Dr. Mehrabi took the time to listen to ALL of my concerns and addressed them individually with great patience and respect–which I totally appreciated (P.S. I am a medical student. I mention that only to give you context with regards to the questions that I asked). I did not feel rushed and I felt comfortable entrusting my care to him and his judgment. The treatment itself was done very professionally and painlessly–I was shocked because I expected much worse! Would definitely recommend him to anyone in need of a very knowledgeable, respectful, and professional dermatologist. I also have to comment on the professionalism of his office staff. They were very efficient, kind, and cheerful during my visit. His office was also very clean and orderly. You can tell a lot about the physician and his practice by the condition of his/her office and the professionalism/culture of his staff. High marks all around!” (read more…)

“Excellent bedside manner; explained things clearly, listened well, and I barely felt the local anesthetic injection.” (read more…)