October Skin Care Tip of the Month

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Preventing dark circles under the eyes is one of the more common questions we get asked everyday in our office. Dark circles or under eye dark shadowing may be the result of any one or more of six factors: ethnicity, genetics, vascular prominence, lack of sleep, lack of hydration, and allergy. To start off, always make sure that you are getting enough rest, drinking plenty of water, and moisturizing with either facial moisturizers or dedicated eye creams. If you have allergies, address those right away. While there are no truly effective treatments for genetics or ethnic related dark circles, eye creams and bleaching creams are sometimes tried with variable success. You may also be a candidate for dermal fillers to try alleviate the dark shadowing that may occur with deep set eyes or deep tear troughs. Get your rest, drink plenty of water, and take care of those allergies first, and we’ll always be here to help with the rest! Have a great October and enjoy the fall!

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