New Laser Hair Removal Machines

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Laser hair removal machines are constantly being updated to make them more effective and to reduce side effects. Many patients experience a sharp snapping or burning sensation in the treated area each time the laser device is triggered. For areas like the underarms and bikini line that are very sensitive, these burst of pain can be quite intense. After each treatment, the area may be red and irritated for several hours.

Newly developed lasers feature a lower powered light pulse that causes less pain for patients. Previously, higher powered lasers and settings were typically used for greatest treatment effectiveness. Patients sometimes had to endure significant discomfort to get their desired results. They might also have to treat only small sections at a time to make the treatment tolerable. Now, device manufacturers have discovered ways to achieve effective hair removal over large areas with lower power. So, even patients with low pain tolerance can receive laser therapy.

Brand Names and Models

The LightSheer Duet diode laser, Soprano XL, and LEDA EPI are examples of newer laser hair removal machines that are low powered. The LightSheer Duet treats an area of 22×35 millimeters per pulse. This is in contrast to the traditional 9×9 mm spot size of the previous model. A larger treatment area means fewer individual pulses are needed to complete a hair removal session. This unit also uses gentle vacuum pressure to pull the treated skin into full contact with the concave handpiece to ensure good coverage.
The Soprano XL has an IN-Motion mode that fires rapid, very short pulses continuously instead of in distinct bursts. This slowly heats the pigment in the hair to cause the required damage to the follicle without as much discomfort. The LEDA EPI uses continuous scanning across a 12×50 mm area to quickly remove hair over large areas of the body (such as the back). It can be used to treat both fine and coarse hair.

Results Will Vary

The Soprano XL and the LightSheer Duet have both been compared head to head with higher powered lasers and found to be just as effective for hair removal. The appropriate settings must be selected for skin and hair type for the best results and to reduce the risk of complications. Some patients will still not be good candidates for this type of procedure. To ensure optimal results, patients should seek treatment at clinics with trained technicians who are acting under the supervision of a licensed medical practitioner.

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