Matrix CO2 and Laser Skin Resurfacing

What is the Matrix Co2 and Cortex Erbium Laser Skin Resurfacing?

“Fraxel-Like” Laser Skin Resurfacing is a revolutionary delivery system that increase the possibilities for busy people who want healthy, younger looking skin with minimal pain in a short period of time. The combination of the Matrix and CO2 Laser allow for reduction of pain, no need for anesthesia and rapid recovery time. Cortex-logoSingle treatments can show a significant improvement in skin texture and color with reduction in the fine wrinkles and scars. In addition, the thermal heat effect stimulates new skin and collagen growth.

Only the Cortex™ System provides access to both ablative wavelengths most often used for laser skin resurfacing: CO2 for deep, effective resurfacing with remarkable outcomes, and Erbium YAG for superficial resurfacing, an effective alternative to peels. No other system provides the flexibility of treating patients using CO2, Erbium or both.

What is a CO2 laser?

CO2 is a Carbon Dioxide Laser that has been used for more than 25 years in the aesthetic industry for treatment of skin conditions such as fine and coarse wrinkles, scars of various origin, uneven pigmentation and dilated pores.

When a CO2 beam of light comes in contact with the epidermis it heats and vaporizes the skin tissue, instantly removing the superficial layer of skin, scares and wrinkles while smoothing out the surface of the skin. This skin remodeling occurs with new skin and collagen growth.

The Matrix Co2 is best for:

What is the Cortex Erbium:YAG laser?


An Erbium:YAG laser is a superficial ablative laser that does the same as a CO2, but on a lighter scale.

The Cortex is a combination CO2 and Erbium:YAG laser that is versatile and can do superficial (Erbium) and deep (CO2) resurfacing. The Cortex ERBIUM:YAG is best for:

  • Superficial skin resurfacing
  • Fine lines & wrinkles
  • Micro-laser peels

Customizable treatments for predictable outcomes

The Matrix Fractional CO² and Cortex Erbium laser technology is engineered in such a way that it gives the physician precise control over the treatment intensity. Each individual treatment can be tailored to the specific needs of the patient. The advanced fractional technology allows the treating technician the ability to perform treatments that are within the patients allotted downtime and accurately predict the results.

Total Adjustment Flexibility

The UltraFine-FS Fractional Scanner optimizes traditional CO² resurfacing treatments by producing MicroAblative Columns (MACs) of injury to the tissue while preserving untreated skin in-between spots. This promotes rapid re-epitheliazation and long-term collagen remodeling while offering a patient comfort level and convenience that approaches a non-ablative resurfacing.

The Matrix UltraFine Fractional Scanner offers a wide range of parameter options that include:

>  Multiple pattern sizes and shapes
>  Adjustable density
>  Adjustable duration time on tissue

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