January Skin Care Tip of The Month

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What can you do for dry skin?

Don’t let the Southern California rainy season fool you. Los Angeles is always dry and the winter is definitely no exception. In fact, the overall lack of humidity plus the colder temperatures are a perfect recipe for dry skin! The best anecdote for dry skin is usually just a great moisturizer, but here are some additional helpful tips for you to maintain your soft, smooth skin this winter season.

1. Avoid Hot Showers

Hot showers, while feel great, actually dry out your skin and may even make you quite itchy afterwards. Some people who are itchy love the relief that a hot shower may provide, but over time these people can become dryer and itchier. A lukewarm shower would be ideal, but if that’s not desirable, try simply lowering the heat a little and avoiding the overly excessive hot showers.

2. Tap Dry and Apply A Moisturizer

After your shower, tap yourself dry instead of rubbing. This will leave a slight amount of moisture on our skin that you can lock in with a moisturizer. Then, apply a consistent, even layer of moisturizer.

3. Choose A Good Moisturizer

We recommend Cerave as the best moisturizer for all skin, including those with atopic dermatitis / eczema. Cerave has ceramides in it – ceramides are fatty acid “glue” that keeps the skin cells together. People who are excessively dry or have eczema may have significantly less ceramides present, and the skin cells split apart, the skin barrier is disrupted, and the skin becomes inflamed. Picture ceramides as the morter between the bricks of a house. If the morter is missing, the bricks will separate and the brick wall/house falls apart.

Another excellent moisturizer, especially for eczema patients, is Aveeno Eczema Therapy. Regardless of your choice, apply the moisturizer after every shower and 1-2 additional times daily.

4. Use A Humidifier

If you need to do a little something extra for your dry skin, try adding a room humidifier. Used as a tool to help children with eczema, this can be an excellent adjunct to your fight against dry skin.

5. Watch Out For The Heat!

Turning on the heater at home can really dry you out! If you must “turn it up”, strongly consider adding a little room humidifying or extra layers of moisturizer, if possible.

Hope these tips help keep you smooth, soft, and happy! Happy new year!

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