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Hand Rejuvenation Grows In Popularity

Over the past ten years, cosmetic procedures to rejuvenate the face have become very popular, and now Americans are noticing that their hands are giving away their age, particularly when compared to a face that has benefited from multiple rejuvenation procedures. The New York Times reported in 2012 that hand rejuvenation had become popular among some newly engaged women, who were undergoing procedures to buff up the beauty of their hands to show off new engagement rings on Facebook or Twitter.

You Only Look As Young As Your Hands

Hands are subject to many of the same environmental stresses as the face, and in many cases, your hands may require more than a good manicure. Hands, like faces, lose volume, fat, and elasticity with aging, and the skin shrivels and becomes more translucent, which results in more noticeable veins, tendons, and bones. Many people find that years in the sun result in brown spots and ugly wrinkles, and the skin tents, which means it doesn’t bounce back into shape after a pinch. At BHSkin, conveniently located in Beverly Hills, Glendale, and Encino, we have a variety of available options to restore youth and beauty to your hands.

Hand Rejuvenation Options Are Available

Many dermatologists and plastic surgeons report an uptick in the number of patients who are turning their attention to aging hands. Doctors widely offer a series of fillers, sometimes combined with intense pulse light therapy or laser resurfacing, which plump the skin, increase collage formation, restore elasticity, and remove ugly sun spots and discoloration.

Sclerotherapy is sometimes an option for the treatment of varicose veins on the hand, and Thermage may be useful for skin tightening. Chemical peels can be effective on the hands, as well as on the face. Microdermabrasion also provides some benefits.

Other therapies may include autologous fat injection, which some doctors feel is longer lasting than synthetic fillers. Autologous fat injection can provide added volume to the dorsum, or top, of the hand, for up to a year.

Dermatologists at BHSkin in Beverly Hills, Encino, and Glendale, recommend Retin A and hydroquinone for discoloration of the skin, and remind patients to use a good sunscreen to prevent further deterioration. A sunscreen with SPF 50 is a good choice.

The Ideal Treatment for Aging Hands

Because every patient has different needs, the doctors at BHSkin will consult with you to determine the best solution to restore a youthful appearance to your hands. Radiesse has a good scaffold for collagen formation, and we have found that it is both long-lasting and natural.

At our offices in Beverly Hills, Glendale, and Encino, our aestheticians and physicians are experts in restoration of the aging hand, and we take each patient’s needs and lifestyle into consideration before we work together with each patient to determine the best individual hand rejuvenation plan.

What to Expect

Hand rejuvenation procedures are done in the office, and only take minutes. Some of our patients undergo a series of treatments, and your hand rejuvenation solution will depend upon your time frame and budget. The cost of skin rejuvenation depends upon your needs. If you have injectables, then you can expect some minor swelling, which will resolve within a week to ten days.

What About Hand Cream?

Moisturizers can plump up shriveled skin cells, but the effect is brief, and doesn’t approach the effect of a hand rejuvenation treatment. At BHSkin, we recommend moisturizing, particularly with a cream that has a high SPF. SPF 50 or above is ideal. Moisturizing and use of a sunscreen will improve the appearance of your hands and may delay the need for more intensive treatment. Our aestheticians at BHSkin can advise you and help you create the optimum hand care regimen to preserve the youthful beauty of your hands.

Call Today for Your Hand Rejuvenation Consultation

BHSkin offers convenient offices in Beverly Hills, Encino, and Glendale, so call today at 310.205.3555 for your consultation with our hand rejuvenation specialists.

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