Getting the Most Out of Your Dysport Treatment

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Dysport treatment really is the new Botox – just ask your dermatologist! Encino area patients who are expecting to see a big difference in price for this procedure will be a little disappointed. Because of the difference in dosage and the price per “unit”, Dysport and Botox end up costing pretty close to the same amount for the same level of correction. However, the competition between the two products and the increasing popularity of botulinum treatment could end up making both options cheaper over the long run. Regardless of the price you pay at the plastic surgeon’s clinic or dermatologist’s office, there are things you can do to get the most for your money.

Don’t Assume Botox and Dysport are Identical

In fact, the precise technique used for injecting these drugs is a little different. It’s not just the amount of active ingredient per dose that’s different. Dysport tends to spread out a little further than Botox when it’s injected. This means your dermatologist needs to be familiar with both products. Otherwise, you may end up dissatisfied with your treatment results. Your face could end up looking asymmetrical, frozen, or droopy if the injection location and amount of Dysport used is incorrect. Ask prospective providers how much experience they have with both brands of botulinum toxin before you schedule an appointment for Dysport treatment.

Don’t Skip Treatments

You’ll be advised to wait at least 90 days between Dysport treatments. However, putting off your maintenance visits until the treatment has completely worn off is not a good plan. Any time after 3 months when you start to notice a return of too much movement in the treated muscles is the right time to see your dermatologist for a touch up. Regular visits may reduce the amount of Dysport you need at each treatment to maintain younger looking skin. Treatment pricing is partly determined by the number of units you are injected with at each session. So, you may get the best return on your money (as well as the best wrinkle-fighting results) by scheduling touchups every 3-4 months.

Do Schedule Multiple Procedures Together

It’s quite common for patients to pair Dysport treatment with other facial rejuvenation procedures such as hyaluronic acid injections to treat fine lines and wrinkles. That’s often a good way to get the maximum amount of correction. This isn’t just about getting a “bundled price” for purchasing more than one treatment at a time. The use of Dysport in areas that are also injected with dermal fillers may cause the filler to be absorbed less quickly by limiting muscle movement. This could prolong the plumping/smoothing effects of treatment (although individual results will vary).

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