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Eyebrows are an important facial feature that can really make a difference in your appearance. Whether you prefer thick or thin brows, upkeep is important. If you’re not happy with the look you have, there are many ways to achieve the appearance you want. A good arch can open up your eyes and healthy eyebrows give the appearance of youth. If you have over-plucked brows or simply have thin or colorless brows, there are a variety of options available to achieve the look you want. If you need grooming or shaping, it’s important to find a trained technician – ask your friends for recommendations. If you have already made mistakes with your brows, it’snever to late to remedy errors and get the look you want.

Techniques for grooming include plucking, waxing, and threading. The most important element is the arch. Whatever technique you choose for grooming your brows, a trained technician knows exactly how to shape the brow without destroying it, thus enhancing your eyes. A great technician will also pay attention to symmetry when shaping your brows. At home, you can give your brows a groomed look by applying a gel and smoothing the brow upward. Tinting can be helpful to provide emphasis to your brows. It doesn’t last long, since the cycle of hair growth is fairly rapid in the brow area.

If your brows have been overplucked, you may have bald spots or overall thinness and lack of shape. As some women age, the hair follicles simply regress, a common issue. There are many good cosmetic products on the market that can give you a natural look. Women who have overplucked their brows no longer have to settle for a thin pencil line across the brow. Temporary and inexpensive solutions include eyebrow pencils and colored gels. Benefit makes several excellent products the deposit fibers on your existing brow, giving an illusion of fullness. They also have a “Brow genie” where you can take a photo and upload and the program tells you how to optimize the shape of your brows. The ideal brow should begin at a point straight up from the dimple of your nose to the medial portion of the brow. The arch should be located at the point of a line measured upward from the outside of your nose through the center of the eye. If you draw a line from the outside of your nose through the outer corner of the eye, that will take you to where the ideal brow should end. The app is fun and quick to use, so it’s worth a look if you are unhappy with your brows.

For more permanent solutions, there are several options. Some women use Rogaine to fill in overplucked hairs. Rogaine is effective in studies but only if the hair follicle is not dead. It’s a minimal investment and worthwhile trying – certainly you will see results within 6 weeks if it’s going to work for you. Other women use permanent makeup, a service provided by many aestheticians. It’s like a tattoo, so be certain you have recommendations and have verified the aesthetician’s skill, but also look at the aesthetician’s style. Everyone does not have the same conception about what is attractive, although artists throughout time have defined certain ideal relationships and proportions that are especially pleasing. Choosing someone with a different vision can lead to dissatisfaction with your procedure.

Microblading is a new technique, a form of application of semi-permanent makeup. Using special tools, a dermatologist or aesthetician places pigmented strokes just below the top layer of skin. This creates a natural appearance of a thick, defined eyebrow. The tool used is like a pen to draw individual hair beneath the skin with tiny needles that deposit pigment. A variety of shade is available to match the color of your natural brow and to complement your complexion. This is a great technique for individuals who want to fill in areas that are overplucked or that have gaps. It’s a technique that can be performed and without discomfort using a topical anesthetic. You can expect the results to last one to three years.

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