Enlarged oil glands in the skin (sebaceous hyperplasia) is a benign condition that affects a very small percentage of the population as a part of the aging process. It usually appears during middle age or later. These whitish, pink, yellowish, or skin colored bumps occur when the sebaceous glands become enlarged. These soft bumps may have a cauliflower texture. Or, they may have a dimple in the center where a hair follicle is often located. This hyperplasia is most noticeable when it occurs on the face. The oily T-zone (forehead, cheeks, and nose) is usually the affected facial area.

Potential Treatments

The underlying cause of sebaceous hyperplasia is not understood (although it does appear to be hereditary). There is also no known way to prevent it from developing. However, there are a number of available treatments. These are similar to the therapies for removing various unwanted skin growths including moles and actinic keratoses (precancerous skin lesions).

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