Scabies Treatment

There are multiple ways to treat scabies. Permethrin is the gold standard topical scabies treatment and ivermectin is the gold standard oral treatment. In most cases, using permethrin correctly will eliminate scabies more efficiently without the need for re-treatment due to initial treatment failure.

How do I apply Permethrin cream?

Here are the instructions for applying permethrin cream and the extra steps you will need to take.

  • Choose a night that your can apply the creamApply the permethrin cream from the neck down to your toes. Every inch of skin from your neck down must be covered by the cream. That includes the armpits, groin, genital area, buttocks, webspaces of the fingers and toes, and the palms/soles.
  • Go to sleep for 8-10 hours. Wake up and take a shower to get the medication off.
  • Wash your bed sheets, comforter, blankets, and all the clothes that you recently wore within the last 4 weeks with hot water and on high heat.
  • Repeat this treatment in 4-7 days.

If you were given a steroid cream, you can apply this cream to the itchy areas between your permethrin treatment nights.

How do I take Ivermectin tablets?

If you were given Ivermectin tablets, take all of them at once. This is a one time treatment and is not spread out through the day or over weeks. Alert your dermatologist if you have any chronic or serious medical conditions and make sure that your dermatologist is aware of all of your current medications.

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