An angioma is a vascular tumor that occurs when the cells that make up the walls of blood vessels begin proliferating abnormally fast. This results in the development of a benign tumor at the surface of the skin or just below the surface. Angiomas are typically dark red or purplish and are compressible (squishy) to the touch. Rarely, these tumors are a symptom of a serious underlying liver disease. However, they are usually a harmless skin condition that is associated with aging. They do not metastasize, but they may be unsightly.

Potential Treatments

Angiomas can’t be prevented. However, they may be minimized with pulsed dye laser therapy that closes off the blood vessels. This approach fades the redness of the tumor over a period of several sessions. These tumors can also be removed via shave excision or electrocauterization. These methods of surgical removal will leave a scar, but this may be preferable to the appearance of the angioma.

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