An abscess is a collection of pus as a result of inflammation or more commonly, a bacterial infection. Abscesses are very serious and require the immediate attention of a physician. Treatments include surgical drainage of the abscess, oral antibiotics, topical antibiotics, warm compresses, and other prevention methods.

Potential Treatments

Oral Antibiotics: Finish the full course of the oral antibiotic as written by your physician

Topical Antibiotics: If you’ve had draining from your abscess, or had your abscess surgically incised by your physician, you may be asked to place a topical antibiotic cream on the draining site 3 times daily.

Warm Compresses: This can be done by heating a potato in the microwave and placing it in a moist washcloth. The compress should be placed on the abscess three times a day for 30-45 minutes.

Make sure to keep the abscess area clean and try not to manipulate the abscess site. Should you note spreading of swelling or redness, or begin to have a fever/chills, please call our office immediately.
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