Acne Treatments Using Accutane and Aldactone

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Acne is one of the most common skin complaints across the globe. There are many reasons for an acne breakout  and is a problem for both men and women. Nowadays, people have become even more prone to this skin condition because of poor lifestyles. It’s one of those skin problems that can occur due to both internal and external factors. Our eating and drinking habits can cause acne as well as climate changes and the skin products we use on a daily basis.


How Does the Skin Develop Acne?

The skin has hair follicles that can become blocked due to the excess oil and accumulation of dead skin cells. The blockage will cause the skin to develop blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples. The skin, in general, will feel oily.  Apart from the facial area, acne can often appear on the neck, shoulders, chest, and the upper arms.

Acne Triggers

As mentioned before, acne can be triggered due to multiple factors. However, it is quite common during puberty. During this age, the sebaceous glands are activated, which makes it easier for acne to develop. Hormonal changes can also trigger the condition, which again makes puberty a more common age to have acne.

Multiple other factors can trigger acne. These include cosmetics with a greasy base, certain medications, and menstruation. Psychological factors like too much stress can also cause a breakout. We are regularly exposed to an unhealthy environment, especially those who live in the cities. The accumulation of dust can make the skin more prone to acne if proper cleansing is not invested in. The skin also requires nourishment from inside the body. Therefore, poor eating and drinking habits can create a lack of nutrients and in turn can make the skin vulnerable to acne. Genetics is also another factor that can have a lot to do with acne.

Acne Treatments

Most people like to use organic or DIY treatments to resolve acne. Some of these can be effective but some have such severe or recurrent acne that going to a dermatologist is a much better option. Dermatologists commonly use Accutane and Aldactone to treat acne patients.


In cases of bad acne that involves scarring, doctors use Accutane. It is quite effective and will clear up the breakout after 4 to 5 months of use. If you have had persistent acne for years that has been untreatable with antibiotics or creams, then Accutane may offer better results. Because this drug has been used so frequently, its effects are quite well-studied. Half of the acne patients treated with Accutane have experienced results effective enough to not ever use anything again for the condition.


Used for hormonal acne in women, Aldactone is an aldosterone receptor antagonist. It functions similar to androgen hormone. This allows it to attach to the androgen receptors in the body and decrease its natural production. This enables the skin to become less oily and improve the acne condition. Consult your skin specialist to determine if hormones are the cause of your acne and then take the medication as prescribed.

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