6 Misconceptions About Acne That Make Dermatologists Cringe

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Acne is a very common skin condition that affects most people at some point in their lives. It occurs when a pore becomes blocked or clogged, allowing bacteria to grow and the pore to become inflamed. Although acne affects a large portion of the population, there are still common myths and misconceptions associated with it. Here are a few of the most popular ones:

1. Only teens get acne. Although many people see acne disappear in 20’s due to hormonal balance, for some people, acne can continue well into adulthood. For others, acne may not appear until adulthood. Hormonal imbalance is a leading cause of acne, and although it is more common in teenagers, adults are not immune.

2. Popping pimples will make it go away. Popping pimples might seem a simple solution to getting rid of them, but don’t be tempted. Popping will most likely make acne worse by causing pain and potentially scarring. Not only that, popping zits could push bacteria deeper into a pore or spread it around the face creating even more pimples.

3. Sun exposures can dry your skin and get rid of breakouts. While this may be the case for SOME people, any dermatologist will tell you excessive sun exposure increases your risk for a number of dangerous skin conditions, including skin cancer. Limiting your exposure to the sun and always using sunscreen is the healthiest way to care for your skin.

4. Washing your face more often prevents acne. Acne is not a hygiene issue. Although washing can help, it does not cure the problem — and excessive washing can dry out the skin, leaving the area irritated. Washing twice a day is enough to help keep your face clean and still hydrated. It is usually a good idea to use a gentle, non-comedogenic moisturizing product or one with salicylic or glycolic acids.

5. Sugar and fat causes pimples. There is no evidence that food causes acne. Although food can affect hormonal balance, what you eat will not directly cause your skin to erupt. A good diet and regular exercise is always a good idea, but a chocolate bar is not going to put zits on your face.

6. Medicine “cures” acne. Medication can help ease symptoms, there is no “cure” for acne — just a diverse range of treatments that must be customized to the needs of each individual. This is why it’s a good idea to go to your dermatologist if you have persistent breakouts. Always take your dermatologist’s advice and to take your medicine as directed for the best results — over medicating or self-medicating will not solve your acne problem, and could make it worse.

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