4 Ways You Could Be Exposing Your Skin to Harmful Bacteria

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You may go to great lengths to promote healthy skin — perhaps you wear sunscreen, eat a healthy diet, perform regular self-examinations, and see your dermatologist on a regular basis. All the same, if you regularly expose your skin to harmful bacteria, you are still going to be at risk for acne breakouts and other infections. In this article, we will cover a few of the most commonly overlooked ways that people expose themselves to potentially harmful bacteria.


Using Your Cellphone.

Not only do most cell phones have a bacteria-per-square-centimeter count up to 10 times that of your average toilet seat, the types of bacteria that can be found are disturbingly similar. A

study published in 2011 by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine found that roughly 1 in every 6 smartphones has microscopic traces of fecal matter on the screen. The bottom line? Clean your smartphone screen frequently, and avoid using it in the bathroom all together!

                                                                     Wearing Makeup.

Every time you touch your makeup, you transfer bacteria from your hands to the product. The same applies to brushes and applicators. Should you accidentally cough or sneeze while putting on your makeup, you had better bet that some microorganisms are going to end up in the product as well. Therefore, every time you apply makeup, you are inevitably applying a bit of bacteria to your face as well. In addition to this, many makeups can clog the pores and prevent the skin from fighting off infections which only adds to the problem. Practicing careful sanitation with your makeup, always cleaning brushes, washing your hands, and opting for a non-comedogenic makeup product, are the best ways of controlling this risk.


Wearing Glasses or Sunglasses.

Taking glasses off and putting them back on again is inevitable — but it also creates lots of opportunities for germs to cover the surface. Unfortunately, many of the makeshift cleaning methods that people use, (i.e. wiping them off with a shirt or breathing on them) only add bacteria to the equation. Cleaning glasses daily with a specially designed product is the best way to prevent exposure to bacteria.


                                                        Sleeping on Your Pillowcase.

Changing your pillowcase at the same time you change your sheets seems easy and logical — but the truth is that pillowcases tend to accumulate bacteria at a much faster rate. Moreover, because pillowcases come into contact with the sensitive skin on your face, they put you at a special risk for breakouts. Changing your pillowcase frequently is the best way to protect yourself.



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